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Pistol Permit Policy-

Please don’t ask to inspect or handle the handguns unless you have a valid NC Concealed Handgun Permit or Pistol Purchase Permit issued by the local NC County Sheriff’s Department. 

Federal Firearms Transfers (FFL transfers)-

 National Guns’ n Gear is willing and able to complete Federal Firearms Transfers.   For outgoing transfer (from us to someone else)- we’ll only ship / transfer firearms to valid FFL’s dealers only (not to individual).  For incoming transfers-(guns transfers received by National Guns’ n Gear) will require prior approval from our staff. The fee for all incoming FFL transfers is $30 for all pre-approved transfers.   The transfer for outgoing transfers is 100% up to the local FFL dealer.

            National Guns ‘n Gear requires that transfer dealer supply us with a signed copy of their FFL.  We’ll also provide a signed copy of our license to that dealer.  The license exchange will take place via Fax or Email. Please have the local FFL contact us.  We do not provide a copy of our FFL license to any individual FFL holders. The original purchaser (name on the invoice) is the only person allowed to claim the firearm.  National Guns ‘n Gear will not be responsible for any damage, loss or theft incurred during the shipping.  All federal, state and local laws must be observed.  Once the firearm is in our possession we’ll call the customer for pickup.  In order to take possession of the firearm, a pistol permit or conceal carry permit must be surrender or shown.  If a transfer recipient is not eligible, the firearm must be returned at the expense of the transferee.  The fee for the transfer will then double, as we’ll be required to transfer the firearm back to the original holder.  A fee of $50 will be charged and the transferee is responsible for the associated shipping cost. After a period of 180 days any unpaid/ unclaimed/ abandoned transfers will be sold. 

Special Orders-

We strive to provide the best customer service possible. Our staff is ready and eager to help you find just what you are looking to purchase.  If it is something special we’ll be happy to complete a special order for the item. Firearms and accessories can be in our store in as little as 48 hours after we place the order.   We do require 25% down on all firearm special orders.  We are here to help you have the best experience possible.  Please e-mail us detailed description of the item you want to special order and we’ll respond with a price quote.

Return Policy- 

Firearms and ammunition cannot be returned. All new firearms come with a manufacturer warranty.  If there’s a problem with a new firearm purchase we can help you complete the warranty information at the firearm owner’s expense.

  We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you desire to return an item other than a firearm or ammunition, just contact us by phone or in person, with the product information, date of purchase and the reason for the return. 


California - No Hi-Cap Mags without a Hi-Cap Mag Permit. 
No Defense/Clip Fed Shotguns. No Semi-Auto Rifles. No M-16 Bolts. 
Los Angeles, Sacramento, & San Francisco, CA - No Ammo without a FFL. 
Connecticut - No Semi-Auto Rifles. 
Hawaii - No Pistol Mags over 10rds. 
Illinois - No Ammo without a FFL. 
Maryland Now shipping Guns. 
Massachusetts - No Handguns. No Hi Capacity Mags. 
No Defense/Clip Fed Shotguns. No Semi-Auto Rifles. No Ammo. 
New Jersey - No Hi-Cap Mags over 15rds without a FFL. 
New York State Firearms legal to upper NY STATE. No Shipping to NYC 
Washington DC - No Hi-Cap Mags. No Ammo. 
Washington State - No M-16 Bolts. 

Shipping to New York State: 
We ship all NY legal firearms to select counties in upper New York state